Regional KOL marketing

Connect to Influencers across the region

We reach and engage with your target audiences through our immense network of KOLs and micro-influencer on social media platforms in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia and build influence for your business naturally in different angles positively.


Connect with KOLs

Liaise between your brand and Influencers

Perform as a bridge between your brand and the influencers, our team of digital marketing experts line up right KOLs in various verticals for collaboration to deepen the reach and engagement.


Data driven strategy

Data Driven Strategy & Quantitative Analysis

We develop your influencer marketing strategy based on data driven analysis by our marketing intelligence system. We manage and execute your campaign, supervise content and deliver quantitative measurement on the results.


Drive Digital Performance

Maximize Campaign Exposure and Performance

With the effective integration of online advertising, we increase your brand exposure and boost performance by carrying out a full channel solution to captivate target audience and improve ROI.

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